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  • Education beyond classrooms, especially through arts and culture.

We Believe.

Shikshya Foundation Nepal will have a critical mass of leaders instrumental in turning the Nepali Society into one which is just, equitable, secular, accountable, thinking, questioning, progressive and prosperous.

Art Works! Sangai Khelaun


A brainchild of the indefatigable artistic spirits of Ms. Sharareh Bajracharya of Srijanalaya, Mr. Niranjan Kunwar, an Educationalist and Executive Board of our foundation whose shared belief in the power of art, especially for children and education, gave birth to Art Works! Sangai Khelaun.

Writing Workshop with our Scholarship Students

Open Learning Exchange Nepal organised a story-writing workshop to help bring original stories written by young adults for their digital early grade reading content.

Shikshya means Education- and we strongly believe that while the emphasis on formal education is important, it is equally important that education can take place beyond classrooms, especially through arts and culture.

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Completion of First Year at Panchpokhari

The primary school teachers of Panchpokhari Thangpal Rural Municipality, Shikshya Foundation Nepal, and Srijanalaya have completed the first year of workshops, mentorships, principal orientation and school visits.

Snow Yak Foundation

Snow Yak Foundation works to provide education to children in the remote area of Upper Dolpo. Mr. Binod Shahi Newa also famously known as “Sir of the Himalayas”, journeys to Dolpo along with other volunteers for six months of ther year to teach students ranging from Grade 1-5 in a local school.

Shikshya Foundation Nepal works to provide holistic growth to children, addressing their financial, social and emotional needs.