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Supporting Inclusivity

“It is in stories, songs, dances, visuals that so many of us seek and find meaning amidst everything else that seems so discordant around us. It is in these various art forms that we find immense value and understand that while the norm is to relegate them as extra curricular, non academic, less relevant; we, at Shikshya Foundation Nepal, believe in the celebration of all the other and different ways of being ‘creative’.”

Shikshya Foundation Nepal was one of the supporters for the event “Alok Live in Kathmandu”. The poetry and comedy special was co-presented by Quixote’s Cove and SPOKEN. The performance by Alok Vaid Menon aimed to create a unique and impactful experience, making meaningful contributions to the artistic landscape by presenting a unique blend of poetry and comedy that challenges conventional norms and pushes creative boundaries. The event hoped to showcase the significance of creative expressions in influencing societal perceptions as well as to create a space for individuals of diverse backgrounds to come together and appreciate the richness of gender expression through art.

ALOK (they/them) is an internationally acclaimed gender non-conforming performance artist, media personality, and public speaker whose work for gender rights and diversity in creative industries has been featured on MTV, The Guardian, BBC, CNN, and the New York Times. ALOK appeared on HBO’s “The Trans List” and “Random Acts of Flyness.” They are the author of the poetry book “Femme in Public” and “Beyond the Gender Binary,” a clarion call for a new approach to gender in the 21st century. In 2019 ALOK was honored as one of NBC’s 30 LGBTQ change-makers and one of Out Magazine’s Out100. They have presented their work at more than 500 venues in more than 40 countries.