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In 2015, the SFN team had visited Dolakha to meet the scholarship students and their guardians or parents. They had all walked 4 hours from Babare. The SFN team met each and every Thami student who had passed SLC that year and we were trying to help enroll them in different Plus 2 colleges based on their interests and aptitudes. Amidst all the recent SLC graduates, a young girl who was studying in Grade 12 came up to us and showed her art portfolio. We were taken aback at how creative her work was. She then added that she is also interested in singing. We told her to complete her Grade 12 and then approach us. Few months later, we got a call from her – Juna Thami. We first sent her to our partner Ms. Sarita Mishra of the Naad Sangeet Pathshala to assess her vocal prowess. Ms. Sarita Mishra informed us that she is a gifted singer. We enrolled her in Lalit Kala Campus. She is now well into her 3rd year. She is taking extra vocal lessons and also teaches at the Naad Academy. It gives us immense joy to see Juna Thami from Babare pursue her passion with so much sincerity. Juna has now been joined by her younger sister Mona Thami who is as determined to succeed and maximize the opportunities that she has received through SFN scholarship.

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