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Daunee Hill, Dumkibas VDC, Nawalparasi

Established in 1997, Ahimsabadu Naha Boudha Anath Secondary School in Daunee Hill, Dhumkibas VDC, Nawalparasi District.

It is managed by the Buddhist nuns from the monastery of Rinpoche Haha Sanghanayak Vikku Karma Gyan Sagar Lama at Daunne. They also run an orphanage at the monastery.

The school has classes from ECD up to grade 8. There are 120 students in the school and 100 of them are orphans who reside at the orphanage. The school sends Grade 9 and 10 students to nearby high schools.

The school conducts classes per the government prescribed curriculum and has one extra subject on Buddhism.

After SLC, the orphanage and school try to place the students in various programs and colleges so that they become self reliant.

Shikshya Foundation Nepal has provided solar lights and electricity to orphanage so that the students can study in the night and use their computers too.

Future program includes rebuilding of classrooms, library and other facilities. Build a separate girls hostel and help oncrease the capacity of the orphanage.

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