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School Support Program In Palpa Female Prison


SFN collaborates with ECDC in support of the school at female prison in Palpa.

Through her extensive travel all across female prisons in Nepal, our partner Pushpa Basnet saw that most of the crimes committed by females are mainly due to lack of education. The women remain unaware of their rights.

We at Shikshya Foundation Nepal firmly believe that everybody deserves a second chance and with good education, the women will be better equipped with the right skills to reintegrate back to the community.

SFN is glad to collaborate with ECDC in creating opportunities for better education, transformed lives by providing a more conducive learning environment for the female prisoners at the Palpa female prison school.

In their last visit to the Palpa prison, the SFN team was pleased to witness an already greater sense of purpose to learning among the female prisoners; with the provision of the new education materials, uniforms, better learning environment that SFN facilitated.

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