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“We made new friends,” said a high school student. “We learned how to sing the deuda, the bhailo and the maangal,” said another. The dialogues and lyrics were written in the regional Khas language, spoken and sung beautifully by the actors. In fact, we planned the Gamgadi program because Hira Bijuli Nepali, a founder of Karnali Arts Center and director of Pampa Phool, expressed to us that their main agenda was to capture and pass on dying Karnali musical traditions to young students.

The collaboration with Karnali Arts Centre allowed Art Works! to extend the usual few days of school workshops to 20 days.

Workshops allowed students to improvise as well as experiment with physical theatre. Students also researched costumes and the historical context of the play, and were immersed in the traditional folk music and dance styles.

The performance took place on October 6 at a public space in Gamgadi. Invitations were sent out to neighboring schools and community members. Announcements were also made on the radio.

The article, “A Flower on a Lake” provides a more personal reflection about the program. It can be accessed here:

Text & Photos: Srijanalaya

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