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Ghyachchok VDC, Gorkha

Standing proud like a neglected poor cousin of more famous sibling Barpak of Gorkha, Ghyachchok VDC was equally devastated by the April, 2015 earthquake. Not a single house or school withstood.

Shikshya Foundation Nepal stepped in to provide support to Ghyachchok through its resident- artist Mr. Dhwoj Gurung through our Arts Work! Sangai Khelaun program.

As our continuing support, we provided tracksuits as school uniforms to 520 students and teachers of all four school in the VDC.

Mr. Amir Pratap Rana, managing director of Kiran Shoes, makers of Goldstar brand of shoes, has Kindly donated 530 pair of shoes to all the children and teachers in Ghyachchok VDC.

Our future programs include rebuilding of schools and provide scholarships to deserving students after SLC.

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