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Photo Kathmandu

Photo Kathmandu, organized by is an international photo festival that takes place more in the narrow gallis (alleyways) than the galleries of Kathmandu. Shikshya Foundation Nepal has been a proud associate of this unique open-air photo festival that features seminal lens-based works by national and international artists, addressing pressing contemporary issues ranging from time, resilience, gender, sexuality, patriarchy, power, climate change, justice, care.

Photo Kathmandu does the essential work of bringing together artists and audiences to create conversations and open new, possible pathways to learning, imagining, problem-solving and being. The exhibitions, workshops, symposia, residencies, incubators, arts education program, collateral events during the photo festival creates space for a coming together at a “periphery of mainstream arts, education, journalism and academic pursuits,” as NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati, the festival director puts it.

SFN recognises the plural possibilities of questioning, innovation, collaborations, interventions, resistance and vital community-building that are made possible in these preferred, fringe areas of artistic, political and intellectual explorations and expressions, and has thus, since its inception, been a steady supporter of PhotoKTM for its 5 editions so far.