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Early Childhood Development Center

Early Childhood Development Center is run by Ms. Pushpa Basnet, CNN Hero 2012, whose Butterly Home provides a safe haven for children of prison inmates from all over Nepal. In line with our vision of a just society where repair is a possibility, Shikshya Foundation Nepal has supported ECDC, its first partner organization since 2011.

SFN was instrumental in their initial fundraising efforts in New York. Over the years, SFN has focused on providing support with the educational needs of the girl children, extending up to their higher education, some of whom have gone on to pursue fine arts, technical vocational trainings etc. By our disrupting this cycle of harm and oppression, sometimes aggravated by the legal and social systems in place, we hope the children are able to find roots to grow anew.

ECDC and SFN have collaborated to create a more conducive learning environment for the female prisoners at Palpa female prison school, in hopes of opening new pathways and opportunities for better education. We at Shikshya Foundation Nepal believe in the transformative power of education and its ability to better equip the women with the right skills to reintegrate into communities with dignity.