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Completion of First Year at Panchpokhari Thangpal Rural Municipality

The primary school teachers of Panchpokhari Thangpal Rural Municipality, Shikshya Foundation Nepal, and Srijanalaya have completed the first year of workshops, mentorships, principal orientation and school visits.During this final workshop of the first year, 54 teachers from 18 schools worked with the visual arts, creative movement, writing, and music instructors on how to
  • create a respectful classroom environment,
  • map local resources, and
  • create practical educational materials.
The highlight of the trip was when Chenda Singgi Lama, Dawa Gyalmo Lama, Gyalmo Lama, Kanchi Lama, Phurpa Singgi Lama, Nyima Lama, Murki Lama, and Dhindo Lama shared their art forms and stories with the teachers.
The learnings of local resources and building of a respectful classroom environment will be incorporated into the first draft of the resource manual.

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