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Art Works! Sindhupalchowk

Thangpalkot, Sindhupalchok

“Our teachers are worried that when they go back to their normal routines, they will not be able to put into effect what they have learned in these eight days with the ArtWorks! Team. Is there a way we can break down the process further so that our teachers can learn how to bring these creative techniques to their classrooms?”

– Babu Lal Tamang, Vice Principal, Shree Chilaune Secondary School

“We have not received this kind of a training on creative arts where things are also practically related to the classroom and the curriculum. We wish to continue this relationship.”

– Principal of a primary school in Bhotang

Thangpalkot VDC is located south of the Langtang National Park in Sindhupalchok.

The programming for the two schools in Thangpalkot was designed for artists to work closely with teachers on how to bring the arts to their teaching. The performances and workshops with the students during the first trip exposed the administration, teachers and students to multiple mediums – dance, music, visual arts, and poetry – and worked to expand their notions of these art forms to include local art forms and materials. The second trip’s main goal was to focus on how to bring the visual arts and poetry into the classroom. The second trip focused on working with over fifty teachers from 24 schools in the jurisdiction of the Thangpaldhap Resource Centre.

Text & Photos: Srijanalaya

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