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Art Works! Ramechap

Sinduli, Ramechap

“When you first came with your equipment and performances, I doubted that the children would also be able to perform in three days. I am amazed that these children who hardly ever say a word in class were able to get in front of a large audience. When you engage with them, the children really do seem to respond.”

-Principal, Shree Bal Madhyamik Vidhyalaya, Bitijor

“I really want to learn how it is you were able to get the children to let go of their discomfort and shy-ness…”

-Teacher, Shree Bal Madhyamik Vidhyalaya, Bitijor

Bitijor is located on the border of Sindhuli and Ramechap, along the Tamakoshi River and the Sindhuli highway, surrounded by hills. Students, largely from Magar, Majhi, and Dalit communities, come from across the Tamakoshi River on the Ramechap-side. Children walk long distances, sometimes more than two hours up and down the hills to reach the public secondary school, Shree Bal Madhyamik Vidhyalaya. The children are from families who cannot afford to send them to private schools. The team developed a series of workshops for Class 6 to 10 children that engaged them in different art forms. We ended in a celebration where their guardians were also invited.

Text & Photos: Srijanalaya

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