Gorkha Art Works


A brainchild of the indefatigable artistic spirits of Ms. Sharareh Bajracharya of Srijanalaya, Mr. Niranjan Kunwar, an Educationalist and Executive Board of our foundation whose shared belief in the power of art, especially for children and education, gave birth to Art Works! Sangai Khelaun.

We believe that nurturing children’s imagination is an important part of rebuilding. At a time when children are experiencing varying degrees of fear and anxiety, art activities can help them focus on the present and find hope for the future.

The first workshop was organised at Ghachchok, Gorkha District at Shree Dhansari Secondary School from 12-16 June, 2015 by a team of 29 artists, educators, psychosocial counselors and mental health nurse. Over 300 children from ECD to Class 10 participated.

Parents, grandparents, teachers and teenagers joined some of the activities and tapped into their own creative resources- their own dance forms, songs, and music, laughed and worked together, shedding their fears and inhibitions.

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